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What are nature prescriptions?

Research shows that spending time in nature can have real benefits for your health and can help reduce stress and anxiety. Have you ever felt relieved by taking a stroll on the Main Green or felt refreshed after sitting at India Point Park? These are the types of places we encourage students to spend time at. "Prescriptions" can be given to students to spend time in nature in order to:

  • ​improve motor strength, balance, and coordination

  • improve depression, anxiety, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 

  • reduce sadness, anger, fatigue, stress, and improve attention spans 

  • encourage social interactions

  • give greater happiness and life satisfaction 

More information about the connection between health and spending time in nature can be found here

Isn't Brown in a city? Where is there nature?

While Brown may be in a city, there is still plenty of nature to explore around campus! Specifically, "greenspace" is the type of nature embedded in urban environments that you can expect to find around Brown. The purpose of this website is helping you find these greenspaces!

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