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Student Organizations

Medical School Student Organizations


  • Warren Alpert Medical School Environmental Coalition

    • Seek to promote awareness toward environmental ​sustainability in healthcare. Suggest and implement sustainable practices among the community to ensure the school protects the national environments and promotes a cleaner future. 

    • Contact info:

  • Brown Agriculture Nutrition and Community Health 

    • Seeks to address disparities in access to green spaces, nutrition, and health and science education. Collaborates with Baldwin and Brown Family Med residents and staff to ensure students learn about the sources of their food, the nutritional value of fresh produce, and the role of green spaces in personal and community health.

    • Contact info:

Looking to take a course that studies nature? Does the idea of an "outdoor classroom" interest you? Brown has many nature based courses available to give you an opportunity to get outside! 

  • EEPS 0240 - Earth: Evolution of a Habitable Planet 

  • EEPS 0070 - Introduction to Oceanography 

  • EEPS 0220 - Earth Processes 

  • EEPS 0010 - Face of the Earth

  • EEPS 1330 - Global Environmental Remote Sensing 

  • EEPS 1370 - Environmental Geochemistry 

  • EEPS 0830 - Water in Our World 

  • PHYS 0220 - Astronomy 

  • ENVS 1557 - Birding Communities 

  • ENVS 0110 - Humans, Nature, and the Environment: Addressing Environmental Change in the 21st Century 

  • ENVS 0490 - Environmental Science in a Changing World 

  • ENVS 0705 - Equity and the Environment: Movements, Scholarship, Solutions 

  • ENGL 1190 - Nature Writing 

  • MUSC 1921 - Music, Nature, Ecology 

  • PHIL 1785 - Philosophy of the Environment: Environmental Utopias 

  • VISA 0140 - Photography Foundation 

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